Dollhouse Windows

This morning while making my usual round of blog-reading, Wittingshire had a beautiful post. I commend it to you this morning.

Like Wittingshire, when driving or when taking a walk, I often think about the people who live in the homes I pass on my way to wherever I am going. Especially when walking in the evening twilight, passing a house whose windows glow with faint yellow light. A ruffled curtain hangs by the window creating a frame of sorts to the world within. Perhaps you catch a glance of a picture hanging on the wall, or the favorite sports figure of the occupant of the room. Often you can guess the age of said occupant, especially if it is Big Bird or Elmo plastered all over the walls!

I wonder what joy they may have experienced that day. Did they have a child born? Did they hear from a long lost friend? Did they talk to their best friend on the phone or over tea and share laughter? What special Christmas presents were found under the tree? What goodie did someone receive as a birthday present? Where do they work? Where do they worship?

Or perhaps it was a day of pain and sadness. Did a loved one pass away? Did someone they know get diagnosed with a dread disease? Did they stub their toe on the bed post on the way to the bathroom that morning?

It’s almost like looking into a dollhouse window and creating a story for its inhabitants. I wonder what people think about when they walk past my windows and see a faint yellow glow?


One thought on “Dollhouse Windows

  1. And I thought I was the only one who does this. It started when I was single in Indianapolis and I used to drive through one of those middle class neighbourhoods on my way to the supermarket or Target, usually around suppertime.

    In my case, it made me lonely to think of all the families behind all the glowing windows. It inspired one of the best songs I ever wrote.

    But I still can’t help thinking about all those lives when I drive through residential areas.

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