Say Good-night Gracie!

It is time to end the day. It has been a good one.

I learned why we receive pussywillows along with palm branches today. It is because in Russia there are no palms so the people use pussywillows for Palm Sunday. Since my parish is of Russian ethnicity, we continue that tradition. Now these lovely small bouquets grace my entrance way flower vase. A nice daily reminder of Christ’s entry into Jerusalem.

Our friends M & D came over to dinner this evening with their two children who I used to babysit. The kids are quite grown now and busy as only a 9 and 10 year old can be between cheerleading, softball, baseball, soccer, etc. Our families enjoyed good conversation and a lot of laughter over Cornell Chicken on the grill, Risotto, Sauteed squash/mushrooms/onions and Raspberry Crumble for dessert.

After dinner I helped my friend M prepare her class reunion invitation. She and her high school girlfriend are reunion co-ordinators for their 20th reunion. My DD started to laugh when she learned M graduated high school in 1985, the year of DD’s birth. I felt really old since I had graduated high school in 1977 and was having my DD in 1985 and M was just GRADUATING!

M went to a school in the mid-west and her graduating class had only 60 students. My daughter laughed when she learned the whole school had 398 students from grades 7 to 12, since DD’s graduating class was 500+ and her brother’s was over 700. The high school DD and DS went to has a total student body of 2500. But back to M’s class reunion; I helped M design a tri-fold invite with tear-off RSVP flap. It didn’t look bad for a rough draft. I’ll continue to tweak it and fancy it up since most of the text is there by putting fancy font styles in, some clipart and graphics of some sort and put a fancy border on the cover. Then she can show it to her friend for approval and mailing.

This was a day spent with friends both at church and home. God has truly blessed me.


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