Many Little Things

There are many little things that need to be taken care when you move into a State. You need to notify the post office of your change of address. You ought to notify all your banks, credit card companies, financial investment organizations, the doctor, the dentist, etc., etc. You also need to get a new license plate for your car. The hubster took care of getting license plate Saturday. Today it was my turn to get the requiste State inspections for said vehicles.

I called our local Sears AutoCare Store to inquire if they did inspections and emission tests. They did and said it would take about 90 minutes to 2 hours to complete. I was pleased with the time frame because DD could help me drop the car off and then take me back to pick it up before she needed to leave for work.

I get to Sears at 10:50 for an 11:00 a.m. appointment, where I proceeded to wait 25 minutes for someone to take my information down. I also requested an oil change and new windshield wipers. The total bill would come to about $100. I was happy with that because of course the car would pass inspection in flying colors. Wrong!

I called at 1:15 to inquire if the car was going to be done soon. Nope. I needed new rotors to be able to pass inspection. And they recommended new brake pads even though the ones on there were still good because “they just would seat right and it could be a problem.” Hmmm…since I know nothing about cars, who was I to question them. I okayed the repair work and was told the car would be ready at 3:00. Since DD needed to be at work by 3:00 I sent her off and made arrangements for a friend to take me to get the car.

When I arrived to pay the bill it was a whopping $400!! Ugh! Hubster teased me when he heard the news, “Why would you need new brakes? You never use them!” Ha.Ha.Ha.


3 thoughts on “Many Little Things

  1. In this state, Sears got shut down because it pulled stunts like this. Now they can’t do auto inspections at all.

    It’s like pulling teeth to find a good and honest auto mechanic, but they do exist — we’ve been blessed with *two.* After the first one died, we went through a year of mediocrity before the business was purchased by another mechanic who lives…two blocks away from us. Since the garage is about 1/4 mile away from our house, we were really hoping he’d turn out to be the gem he is. God was good to our little buggies!

  2. Hey there, thank you for wandering over to my Blog and posting! Your comments are rattling into my brain about parenting!

    I do participate in the Orthowomen Yahoo group! Thank you for mentioning it to me!


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