Mother Mary

As I kissed the nail-pierced feet of Christ, His shrouded face, and Gospel tonight, I wondered about His dear Mother Mary. How did she have the strength to stand at the foot of the cross and gaze with tear-filled eyes at her child – flesh of her flesh – her Lord and Savior, hanging with blood running down His face and side, with nails piercing His hands and feet? How did she do that? I cannot even begin to imagine the feelings she must have had, the pain she must have endured. In her heart did she know that He would rise again?

And what about Jesus. I wonder what, if anything, went through His mind as He gazed with pain-filled eyes upon His mother who was standing next to His best friend, the disciple He loved best. Did His heart hurt with love because He knew the sadness she felt? Did He gaze at her and think, “Just hang on dearest Mother. You will see Me soon.”

I wonder.


2 thoughts on “Mother Mary

  1. After our discussions online about this topic, I particuarly noted the stanzas in between Psalm 119 that talked about Mary’s pain, her sorrow, her piercing of her heart, and her tears. It is truly heartbreaking.

    And of course, I stood there with two antsy children and pondered the other ways our hearts are pierced by our children as well.

    I’m so ready to shout “Christ is Risen” A blessed Pascha to you!

  2. It almost doesn’t bear thinking about, does it? I wonder, too, if she knew that He would rise. Somehow, I don’t think so. It doesn’t seem to be God’s way to fill us in on the details, till we need to know — or more like, till they explode in our faces with all kinds of glorious wonder, so that we feel as if the rug was just pulled out from under our feet and we landed on an incredibly soft surface that smells just wonderful.

    Something that never occurred to me before I became Orthodox — well, with a Catholic background, it hardly could — was that Mary *herself* needed a Savior, too. So I wonder if she was aware, as she stood there in total shock, that all of this was for her own benefit, as well as for the benefit of mankind. I’d have been tempted to say, “Some benefit!” Until, of course, I witnessed the Resurrection and realized what the whole thing was about. I could never have had her strength, that’s for sure.

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