Orthodox Code Translated

Okay, for those of you too lazy to skip over to Huw’s blog and sort out my Orthodox Code, I’ve provided the translation below. :-0 Enjoy!

F% – I found the Church, thank God, but it’s not like anyone was looking for me when I walked in.
Tr – Slavic
Yv1 – Vernacular (the language spoken at home by a majority of people in your parish – even if it is not your language).
H? – Well, ok, there are some seats around the room, but for the old people (and during the sermon). But no Organ. I chose this one since there wasn’t another that fit the bill. We have pews but no organ. Everyone stands and sits at appointed times during the Ligturgy, though some stand throughout.
Sp1 – We use the new calendar
Sp2? – I do not support it, but we’re in one. I’m not entirely sure about this thus the reason for the question mark. I know Father has been to one or two ecumenical events in town.
OSnt – We have a standard Church, You’d say “Orthodox” if you looked at it. Our parish was the first in the community, 105 years ago.
L – We leave out some litanies. (Sometimes)
SI – Laity
Pc – I find that some (t)raditions are, thank God, not (T)raditions
N+ – I took my middle name or a totally new name and am called that at church and by some friends. Well, I’m not called that at Church except during Communion by Father. And yes some friends call me by my chrismation name.
I – We/I have maybe five icons in one room.
Fr+ – I go every Sunday and as often as I can to everything else.
Ob+ – I blog and other Orthobloggers know me.


One thought on “Orthodox Code Translated

  1. About fellow parishioners/your priest calling you by your it’s-not-my-first-name saint’s name – my priest has a habit of doing that during announcements. It sure confused me mightily my first few months, until I finally asked someone – and found out about the pratice!

    I go by both Theodora AND Elizabeth. I have, unfortunately in unguarded moments, been known to almost snarl at people who forgot the Elizabeth!

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