Skipping Down The Blog Path

Tonight I spent a good time skipping along the favorite blogs list. Here are a few interesting things I found.

Huw has developed an Orthodox Code V1. My code reads as follows: F% Tr JOc Yv1 H? Sp1 Sp2? OSnt L SI Pc N+ I Fr+ Ob+.
Check it out to decipher my “code.”

Fr. Joseph at Ortho-Dixie has posted Bright Week Prayers and things we are to do for the coming 40 days. This was helpful to me since I didn’t know any of this!

Rusty and James have shared their Paschal experiences.

Elizabeth has posted wonderful pictures of her family’s recent holiday. She visited some splendid places. I love the ancient sites.

Hope you enjoy your stroll as much as I did.


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