No Force Was With Me!

And the rest of my Star Wars quiz results are:

Quiz #2 History/Mythology
Score: 50% — Try harder you must…

Quiz #3 Roles Outside the Galaxy
Score: 50% — More Jedi training required. Head to Dagobah immediately.
(You sure can tell I don’t go to a lot of movies!)

Quiz #4 Who said what?Score: 75% — Not bad, young Jedi. But you have much to learn. (Heck, I can’t remember what I said 5 minutes ago!)

Quiz #5 Non-Human Creatures
Score: 20% — Stop while you’re ahead. Maybe you’re only destined to become an apprentice for the Jawa.

Quiz #6 At the OscarsScore: 100% — You are quite keen in your Sci-fi Oscars knowledge! Well done Jedi!
(Not bad for someone who never watches the Oscars!)

Quiz #7 Epic BattlesScore: 30% — You have the brains of a Jawa!
(Make peace not war!)

Quiz #8 Grab BagScore: 50% — Less than 50%. Study up or you’ll be working FOR a droid.

Quiz #9 Episode III
Score: 80% — Fantastic job! 8 out of 10! You’re ready for a mission worth of a Jedi in training.

I see I need more Jedi training. I’m off to clean my light saber and X-wing! Ta-ta!