Morning News Round-up

Mr. Hibbity-Gibbity and Mama Fred (as she is fondly called) have written a couple good reviews of the new Star Wars movie. I found today’s article at CNN very interesting as well.

Mr. Hib-Gib notes, “…this movie just smacks of life too much. Watching Anakin struggle with life, responsibility and choices, makes me believe that if only he could have seen the bigger picture, he wouldn’t have made the decisions that he did. Then again, Obi Wan, Yoda and Mace didn’t see the larger picture, yet they still made the right choices.”

He makes an interesting point, and one that I think many people wish they could do, see the bigger picture, see more of the day than the present moment so they could make better decisions and avoid the pain, hurt, and struggle that comes from making the wrong decision. Though when you read the Old Testament story of Job, one is hard pressed to say this, as according to scripture he was a righteous man.

My comment back to Mr. Hib-Gib was I don’t believe seeing a bigger picture is necessary in large part because it didn’t make a difference in Anakin’s life, why would we think it would make a difference in ours? He still made bad choices, and that’s what it came down to. He allowed his heart and soul to be open to evil because of his fear, his greediness, and his possessiveness. At the root of all of that is pride – the greatest sin we battle with. It was all about what he wanted, either to have or to keep.

We don’t need to see the bigger picture because we have Someone else watching our back so to speak. But our pride doesn’t let us trust that. WE think we can protect ourselves better that God can. Again – pride. It’s just a matter of looking no further than the next few minutes, always watching to take the righteous path, which often isn’t what we want but what God instructed us to do in His word and in church. And even then that doesn’t preclude a life full of struggle and loss. This takes me back to Righteous Job.

All good things to think about though.

In other news, I cannot believe hurricane season has started already and there has been the first hit noted in today’s news. Lord have mercy!

I like this idea of back to basics when it comes to working out. It’s not about how you look in the mirror, it’s about gaining strength to do better. No frills. Honey I like that.

And the weather for southeast PA: rain. And the weather for the weekend: rain. But I mustn’t complain. We need it. The plants are dry. Thank goodness we got our meadow (aka the lawn) cut yesterday. After 10 days it had gone to seed and was ankle high.

Please keep in your prayers today: My brother-in-law who is having a procedure done on his back to try to alleviate the severe pain he is in due to having no discs between several vertebrae.