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In a morning, I spent almost an hour perusing my favorite blogs to see who has posted something new or if a new comment has been made. That is way too much time out of my day. Gentle readers, do any of you have a suggestion/recommendation on a “reader” service, or whatever they’re called that is easy to download and easy to use? I read about Bloglines. That seems fairly straightforward.

Any other suggestions for this non-techy blogger? Thanks in advance for your help.


6 thoughts on “Time Management Help

  1. I’ve never heard of such a thing – is Bloglines what you ended up using, Philippa? If so, that sounds pretty cool. Off to research more about that!

  2. Jim, I found out by accident about tracking the comments because I chose a comment feed for Laura’s blog thinking I was choosing the blog feed. Anyway, so now I’ve both on the list! Very cool. And wow this has saved a ton of time!

    Thanks one and all for your help.

  3. Unless the blog site provides comment feeds… then a feed reader can track them. πŸ™‚

  4. I second Jim’s comment on the mac πŸ™‚ but also Feed Reader is a very good reader client on the PC.

    The downside is that none of these (as far as I know) actually tracks the comments. So you’ll need to click through once in a while to the actual conversations you’re wanting to follow.

  5. Easiest is Safari’s built in RSS reader. Very convenient. Unless of course you don’t have a Mac, then it would be expensive ‘cuz you’d have to buy a Mac to get Safari. πŸ™‚ Otherwise, I think rssreader.com has a decenet client.

  6. Hi Philippa
    I use Bloglines, and it is really useful. The only problem is that if you just preview the blog via Bloglines, you have no idea if anyone has left any comments on threads you are interested in. So you then need to go to the Blog itself to check for comments.

    I have 71 Blog feeds on my Bloglines account, so that saves me an enormous amount of time being able to see at a glance who has updated their blogs !

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