Busy! Busy!

The last few days have been rather busy thus why no blogging was going on.

The weekend brought about the usual household responsibilities that don’t get done during the week due to work.

Sunday was our priest and his family’s last day with us before they move to Kansas. We had a celebration luncheon. It was very nicely done. The food was delicious. The fellowship, great. And there were many tears, many hugs and a lot of video footage taken.

It was also the last day of Church School for the season. I asked the kids to fill out a survey for me. The results were pretty interesting. You’ll never guess who hated Church School the most.

With Father C gone now, the web maintenance has been turned over to me. Wooo-hooo! I’ve no experience with web design. And other than what I’ve learned about HTML with my blog, I’ve no knowledge there either. So it’s been fun to poke around behind the scenes so to speak and see what I can and cannot do.

Our website needs some serious updating! So I’ve started working in a word document, laying out what I want where, what colors, etc. I’ve already added a few Orthodox links. I need to delete some stuff. I’ve gotten an updated picture of the church I need to upload, once I figure out how to do that. But for the other stuff I’m going to need the help of the guy who hosts the page.

Ya know what I realized the other day? Trinity has been spelled wrong since they started the site!

Yes…I’ve a lot of work to do.


5 thoughts on “Busy! Busy!

  1. I just saved it, opened it in Paint, grabbed the letters I needed with the rectangle tool thing, moved them over, and filled in the empty background with yellow. I have a little experience with html, and my husband has a PhD in computer science, so if you need help, let us know! (magda dot andronache at gmail dot com)

  2. Thanks Magda! I was able to save it! I did upload it to the website but when I tried to install and update, I received an error message. I did email the guy who hosts the site for us, but I’ve not heard back from him. I have had some other problems updating the site. Hopefully we’ll get it fixed soon.

    I gotta learn how you did that though!

  3. Sorry to hear about your priest’s leaving. I will continue to remember your church in my prayers.

    Have fun with the church website. It looks like a great site! [even with ‘Trininty’! ;-)]

  4. How did the scrapbook go over? I’ve been dying to see photos!

    I’m so sorry your priest is leaving, that must be really hard.

    I’m also counting the days until the last Sunday School – I have a serious case of Senioritis! Worse than the kids, I think!

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