They’re 12, 14 & 16! Huh???!

This recent article is about three children who are all mothers. Each of them became pregnant within three months of each other. This is positively insane!! A 12 year old is a mother? And the father of the baby is 14. May God have mercy. These two children are still babies for goodness sake! At 12 she ought to be playing with dolls and he ought to be out playing soccer or something. And the father of the 16 year old’s baby is 38!!!! Isn’t that illegal in England? I just cannot believe this!

And the mother blames the school? That seems even more ludicrous. How is the school responsible for these children having babies? Because of poor sex education apparently and because it didn’t start earlier. What?!?! Start earlier? In my mind, that’s part of the problem. Our society has sex on the brain…and on the TV…and in books…and on billboards…everywhere. Don’t parents understand that education starts at home? HOME! NOT school!

And while I’m at it, another part of the problem is the school that provides childcare for the young mother’s to put their babies in while they go to class. This was standard at my kids’ high school. And what would happen? Babies in strollers were carted to school, left in childcare, and the “parents” would visit during class breaks or whatever and enjoy showing off their babies to their friends. For goodness sake! It’s like these babies are toys.

There is no modesty and no shame anymore.


2 thoughts on “They’re 12, 14 & 16! Huh???!

  1. This story made the front page of The Sun (the top-selling paper in the UK). It wasn’t news that a 12 or 14-year-old had a baby — just that there were three girls from the same family, so they were milking the system for £31,000 a year.

    And 16 is the age of consent here, so in that case, yes, it is perfectly legal.

    Welcome to the real Britain.

  2. You know, there was a time when believing that you were the only, or at least, one of the few sane people in the world would get you labeled as “disturbed”.

    I must be the craziest person in the world then.

    We live in a looney bin and the inmates are becoming the caretakers.

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