"Soul Searching"

Many people, while not exactly losing their sould, tend to lose track of it. Even though they theoretically admit the existence of the soul, they have had almost no experience of themselves as spiritual beings, because they are so completely distracted by various kinds of noises – both external and internal noises – that they never, or almost never, make contact with their inner selves. They walk around clueless about who they are, where they came from, and where they’re going.

To find our souls, we must exercise discipline. We must close our eyes and go within, to discover the height and depth, the length and breadth of our spirit. We must purge our inner recesses from passions and distractions. When we beat our breasts in prayer, one of the important things we are trying to do, I think, is to summon the attention of our inner selves. We pound on our hearts as thought to inquire, “Is anybody in there? Is anybody home?”

-Patrick Henry Reardon
Touchstone Magazine, June 2005
Page 7


4 thoughts on “"Soul Searching"

  1. I have always known what my soul is. Problem is who is my soul mate? What does that mean in this culture? Is that relegated to one person? How important is it?

  2. How do you already have the June issue of Touchstone, when I live in Chicago and don’t have it yet?


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