R. I. P.

His name was Pez – Spanish for “fish.” He was a brilliant red Beta fish that I got May 2004. He was also neurotic! At night while I sat in front of my computer reading blogs and news, he would jump around the bowl, diving in and out of the colored glass and green-blue butterfly pebbles in the bottom of the bowl. He wasn’t the greatest eater, but I could count on him having at least 3 or 4 tiny nuggets of fish food twice a day. Not for the last two or three months though. I would toss in his breakfast, he would swim up to it, smell it, suck it into his mouth, chew once or twice and literally spit it right back out! I guess he was getting cranky in his old age.

This afternoon he was hanging with his nose at surface level, but his gills were still flapping. Tonight as I came to the computer to check email, his little gills weren’t flapping and he was limp on the bottom of the bowl. Pez was gone. Oh well. So I took him out, wrapped him in paper towel and buried him…in the trash. He was a good fish. I liked him.

Maybe I’ll get another one.

Hmm…..I think I will.

Maybe on Tuesday.

What color shall I get? What shall I name him? I’m open to creative suggestions.

Pez – rest in peace!


4 thoughts on “R. I. P.

  1. Just happened to see this and wondered who we were RIP-ing. The Russian word for fish is riba (short I, accent on the second syllable). Not as cute as Pez, IMHO.

  2. Name him Icathus (sp?) the Greek word for fish…you get Christian connotations with that one too. You could always call him “Ick” for short.

    Or ask someone in your parish for the Russian word for fish.

  3. I thought dead fish were supposed to float? Well, all my dead goldfish as a kid did.

    We always flushed them! Burial at sea… šŸ˜‰

  4. We have a Beta fish and they are slow and methodical, ours fakes me out nearly every morning, I’m sure this is the morning he’s gone.

    We have quite the fishy graveyard in the backyard, though, between Mollies, Goldfish and other assorted ones.

    I’m sorry for your loss.

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