Class Reunion

Today I just got an email from an old classmate inviting me to a high school mini-class reunion the end of July. This ought to be interesting since I haven’t been to one since the one held five years out. I graduated in 1977, so this will be 28 years out. YIKES! Hope I recognize people. I’ll have to bring a camera. My daughter wants to come with me. I think my son will too. This oughta be good!


5 thoughts on “Class Reunion

  1. s-p,
    Some of them haven’t even matured past the high schools days. I’ve heard some stories about some of the “guys” who are still smoking dope and stuff like that. Amazing that after 28 years they’re still behaving that way. It will be an interesting time that’s for sure.

  2. I recently pulled out the old HS year book after a little friend of ours brought her 6th grade year book when she came to spend the night.

    What was rather poignant for me was having to look up the pictures of people who had signed the book…because I didn’t remember who they were!

    I graduated in ’89…I can’t believe it has been 16 years!

    I need to write a blog entry on this because some of the pictures and “commentaries on the time” were hysterical to my older eyes!

  3. Class reunions are dangerous for people who aren’t well grounded in the present. I found that people reverted back to “where they left off” way back when and more than a few went home together or hooked up later to relive the past. Scary stuff…

  4. Oh, that sounds fun!

    Our 15th is this year, and I found myself on the committee, but unable to attend, so I need to recruit people to go without me. Grin!

    Taking your daughter sounds lovely, I’d love to go to one of my parent’s reunions!

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