No surprise!

Is it any surprise to anyone that Michael Jackson was acquitted on all 10 counts against him? I mean, c’mon. I can’t even in my wildest dreams imagine a jury being able to be completely impartial in this decision.

So back we go to Peter Pan’s Neverland, with a little help from pixie dust.


4 thoughts on “No surprise!

  1. You know a guy in the supermarket told me about this yesterday and told me they labeled the woman as crazy and did not listen to the child. Well I am dealing with that same dynamic right now with social services. I think they want to label me as crazy so they can my child to her abusive sadistic mental daddy. Oh I am so sick of sexism. God have mercy. This world is torture.

  2. Speaking as a former criminal defense attorney, I wasn’t surprised by the verdict. I thought he might have gotten the lesser included misdemeanor supplying alcohol to a minor, but even that was doubrful.

    The prosecution had a dodgy complainant and dodgy witnesses. The defense didn’t have to poke holes in them – it just drove through the tunnels already there.

    And being a defense lawyer, I always presume defendants are guilty unless there’s a good reason to believe otherwise. But if I don’t look through the goggles of the press and the impose the presumptions we make about normal people, I’m not sure Jackson is guilty of being anything more than a weirdo.

  3. Look at it this way — at least we won’t have to look at his ugly mug plastered all over the place. I can’t stand the sight of him, and every time I’d open my News Update in my e-mail, guess who’d be grinning that inane grin? Ugh.

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