"OUR" Military

Thanks to Fr. Joseph at Orthodixie I read this article written by Frankie Schaffer.

Whether we agree or disagree about the war in Iraq, it is OUR sons and OUR daughters over there serving OUR country, the United States of America. The 20 year old son of dear friends of ours is doing his second tour over there with his fellow Marines. When his mother doesn’t get an email or a brief message of some kind from him on a weekly basis, she starts to worry. Justifiably so. When she does hear from him, there is a sigh of relief from her and all the rest of us who love that Marine. There are far too many mothers and fathers, husbands and wives, who are burying their loved ones – children who will be without a parent.

BUT, we Americans have a responsibility to uphold those members of our military forces with prayer and other positive measures of support whether we agree or not with what is going on. Yes, a responsibility. Because we live in a country with free speech, we are all free to voice our opinions. However, I say to those who spit on our military or make derisive remarks and stuff like that…if you dislike what is going on then go find somewhere else to live.

I, for one, am grateful for those military persons who obey their commander-in-chief. And I pray for God’s mercy on those of you who deride and put down the government et al…may you never have to experience the worry of one of your children being in combat.

May you never have to bury your spouse with a military funeral. That is hell on earth. I know. I’ve done it.

HT/FN (DVR) Kurtis S. Shunk USN
Born 2/13/1959 Died 6/27/1982
May his memory be eternal!


7 thoughts on “"OUR" Military

  1. I also disagree with the war. However, the bumper sticker on my truck says, “I support our troops; I question our policies.”

    God bless the US military and their determined obedience.

  2. Very grateful that you have posted this. I still recall, too vividly, what members of the military went through during the Vietnam War, and as far as I’m concerned, nothing is too good for veterans. Or the widows and orphans of veterans.

    Memory eternal to your husband!

  3. May his Memory be Eternal.

    I agree, even as some one who disagrees with the war, I certainly don’t disagree with the solidiers, and am reminded of them every morning when I read my morning prayers.

  4. You know my dear I agree with you about the government. I am going through a horrible divorce right now and if it were not for the government, I would die. Hey if it were not for the government, I would have died when I was in labor. That is right. I had Medi-cal when I was pregnant ’cause I picked a poor husband. Or I should say my former priest picked a poor husband for me. Well if it were not for Medi-cal paying for my transfer to the hospital, I and my unborn daughter would have died. And whose fault is this? Perhaps my neglectful father and my abusive mother. Again if my high school English teacher had not filed a child abuse report on my mother, I may never had got counseling. No I am definitely not anti-government.

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