Trout House Village

Here we’ve been since Saturday late afternoon, enjoying a family reunion of my husband’s side of the family. We have a family reunion every three years, trading coasts. The last one was held in Montana. This one has the family gathered in the Adirondacks of New York State on the lovely shores of Lake George. What a beautiful area!

The weather has been more than acceptable with sun, blue skies, a few clouds, cool temps (upper 70’s), and the same for the rest of the week.

It has been great to see family members not seen in three years and to catch up on the doing’s in everyone’s lives. One young man we’ve not seen since he was 13 and he is now a whopping 28! He looks great and life is taking some good turns for him which we are really happy about and happy for him.

We’ve spent time sharing meals, swapping stories, and doing a lot of laughing. Some brave souls went swimming in the lake. Others went kayaking, canoeing, and row boating.

We toured Fort Ticonderoga today and learned how to load and shoot a musket, viewed the barracks, and the weapons used in the French and Indian War and the American Revolution. While American History is not my favorite history of study, it is nonetheless a sobering feeling to walk on the grounds where so many died in the fight for independence of our country.

I hope to have some pictures to post once they get downloaded into the computer at the end of the week. More on another day!


3 thoughts on “Trout House Village

  1. I’m looking forward to the pictures.

    Coincidentally, we drove through this area last year on our way home from the monastery in Jordanville! So I hear what you are saying about walking on ground that is so crucial to the history of the U.S. It all looks so peaceful now… Probably just what everyone hoped for who participated in that battle. Memory eternal to them all.

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