Ft. Ticonderoga

Ft. Ticonderoga
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Marquis de Lotbiniere began construction of this fortification in the winter of 1755 after the French defeat in the battle of Lake George. This fort sits at the junction of La Chute River and Lake Champlain. In 1759 British Lord Jeffrey Amherst took possession of “Carillon” as it was called and renamed it Fort Ticonderoga.

May 10, 1775 Ethan Allen and Benedict Arnold took possession of the Fort, giving America its first victory in the struggle for independence.

Reconstruction of the fort was undertaken in 1908 by Stephen Pell. President Taft opened the museum there.

The fort is star shaped, which is considered the “ultimate defensive weapon” of the 18th century.

It was incredible to walk the grounds knowing the blood that was shed for the freedom of our country lay beneath our feet.