La Luna

La Luna
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And so the sun set and the moon came up full and bright, giving us a wonderful conclusion to a wonderful week with family. We said our good-byes, we exchanged emails, we hugged and kissed each one, not knowing who would be with us in 3 year’s time for the next reunion. But no matter, we have the photos, memories, and laughter to carry us through until we meet again.

I hope you enjoy looking at our pictures of the sites that made up some of the events of our reunion.


2 thoughts on “La Luna

  1. Hi Phillipa I wanted to email you. Do you have an email address? Mine is on my blog if you want to email me.
    Nice photographs.

  2. Fantastic photos: thanks for sharing them…and sharing the memories of your reunion.

    I don’t think I’ve ever seen Sundrops before (they are beautiful), nor water bicycles!

    currently singing Belinda Carlisle’s “La Luna” after seeing the heading on your last post! 😉

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