Trout House Village Lodge

Trout House Village Lodge
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This is the lodge where all the family members stayed for our reunion. There were also individual cabins that some family members stayed in. The lovely front porch, which you can see on the left of the building, was the central gathering place for everyone. After breakfast we gathered to discuss who was going to do what for the day. Then after dinner, into the wee hours of the night, we sat on the rocking chairs and steps drinking our beverage of choice, reviewing the day’s events, and listening to the “stories” of bygone days as told by the matriarch and patriarch’s of the family.


One thought on “Trout House Village Lodge

  1. Oh, my, this looks absolutely *heavenly*! How blessed you were this whole week!

    Have looked at the other photos, as well. You took some wonderful shots! Your comment about how beautiful creation is *after* the Fall, and how beautiful it must have been *before* the Fall, reminded me of the conversation my kids and I had when they came home from school practically in tears because some Korean group had said the world was going to end the next day. How do you tell small children, “Maybe and maybe not”?! So I said that the *end* of the world didn’t mean the *destruction* of the world, just that what we knew would end, and creation would be restored to the way God had intended. That seemed to comfort them. And of course, at least for the moment, we’re all still here. 😉

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