A poem

Because you are a kindred spirit –
come –
and stand beside me upon this familiar
hill – where the wind sweeps upward
from the valley – and touches us with its
cooling fragrance –
come –
and rest for
awhile – and watcht the brown grasses gently
nodding – and hear the whispered music of
the oak leaves –
here upon this hill – we
are close to the things eternal – you and I –
close to the essential things – the things of
the spirit – the unseen things –
here upon
this peaceful hill – the wind sings softly
in the gathering dusk – listen – listen and
let your troubled heart –
sing with the wind

Winston O. Abbott


3 thoughts on “A poem

  1. [I tried to post this on your “Timelessness of Friendship” post comments section, but I kept getting an error. 😦 ]

    How absolutely wonderful! I’m blessed to have a great friend from my uni days who, while we’re now separated by the Pacific, always remains a very close friend. A blessing indeed.

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