Timlessness of Friendship

Timlessness of Friendship
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I was very upset earlier today! My entry with this picture had disappeared from my blog! Argh! I thought I would have to rewrite it. However, dear Laura over at Laura’s Front Porch had the entire post in her RSS feed! Wooooooo Hooooooo!!! Thus here it is…once again.
I have this saying as a signature for my emails, “They say it takes a minute to find a special person, an hour to appreciate them, a day to love them, but then an entire life to forget them.” This weekend I’ve, once again, proven all of this to be true.

In the picture above, from left to right, are: Debbie, little ol’ Me, and David. Debbie and David have been happily married for 25 years. May God bless them with 25 more! David and I were very best friends in high school 28 years ago. The last time I saw Dave was 23 years ago.

I don’t remember how Dave and I got to be friends, but we were very close. We had the kind of friendship that defies explanation. He was not like a brother. He wasn’t a friend like “girls” are friends. He was the kind of friend that you knew was always present, dependable, and protective. He was the kind of guy that you could be yourself with. I knew that if ever I had a problem and needed help, it was to him I could go.

Dave played tackle on our varsity football team. I was a member of the band front dance team, so was at every football game. His senior year he tore up his knee early in the season and spent, what felt like, the rest of the school year in a knee brace from hip to ankle. We hung out in the commons (a big gigantic room, three stories high, that was like a lounge). I spent an enormous amount of time at his house. His poor parents had to put up with me in their living room watching TV too many weekends to count!

Dave was very shy. He didn’t talk much to anyone, especially girls. But he talked to me. I think I was the only one. When there was a problem at home, we talked. When he had a problem with a girlfriend, we talked. When he kept cutting class, I talked to him!! More like I wagged my finger in his face! LOL! We’d walk the track around the football field after lunch. A lot of the time we just were together and quiet. You could be that way with Dave. We had a good time together.

He has done some interesting things. He went to college to study forestry. He drove to Alaska with 2 buddies and sent me postcards, which I still have! He hunts and has the trophies mounted on his living room wall. He has two black Labrador Retrievers named Maggie and Libby who he has trained to hunt with him. Both almost out weigh me!

Yesterday the hubster and I drove out to where he and his lovely wife live in the country with their two boys. (Well actually the boys are men and both are in the Marines!) When I got out of the car and yelled hello, Dave walked out of the garage where he had been carving up smoked pheasant and smiled. I smiled back. And we hugged. And you know what….those 23 years melted right away. Other than a raspier voice from too many cigarettes (yes Dave if you’re reading this – you smoke too much luv!) and a few lines in his face from time spent in the sun, he looks exactly the same. He has the same deep eyes and great smile; the same bear hug; the same loping walk; and the same wonderful person inside the same heart of 28 years.

It took a minute to find the special friend named Dave, an hour to appreciate him, a day to love him, but it will take a lifetime to forget him. And David, if you’re reading this – I luv ya guy! Thanks for being my friend.


4 thoughts on “Timlessness of Friendship

  1. Oh, Philippa! I’m so glad you had such a lovely time! And, I’m so glad that the years melted away, what a great testament to friendship!

  2. That is a beautiful post, brings tear to my eyes and quite meaningful. I am wrestling with the concept of friendship with men on so many levels with so many men. I my self am not used to being friends with men. I was in high school. I was for a year in Americorps. I am now. Pray for me a sinner.

  3. I just sent this to you. I copied from my RSS feed, where, blessedly, it still existed! I hope you see this and don’t go nuts rewriting it!

    Those kinds of friends are wonderful…aren’t they!

  4. OH NO!!! I was hoping to post a comment about it. It was such a warm remembrance of what friendship is all about, and I remember wishing that my son could find a good friend like you.

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