Childhood Remembrances

Though I’ve not been tagged by Amanda, I was intrigued with the question, “What are five things I miss about my childhood?” and loved reading her answers. So much so, I thought I’d answer it myself.

Being carefree: Some of the most important things to me when I was a child was when was I going to be able to go out and play with my friends, go to the library to get another book (especially Nancy Drew, the Hardy Boys, or the Bobbsey Twins).

Playing make believe: I used to play a lot by myself. Usually you could find me standing in front of my chalkboard, dressed in a long gown and with a towel over my head pretending to be my first grade teacher Sister Bridget (I went to a RC elementary school). There would be strips of paper lining the floor with the “names” of my students. I would walk up and down the “aisles” carrying my yard stick so I could point to a student to give me the answer to whatever problem was on the board. Another favorite make believe time was playing with Barbie dolls in my little miniature kitchen or playing with paper cut out dolls. My favorite one was of Mary Poppins! These pastimes would last for hours on end.

Living in the city: The first 10 years of my life were spent living in the city. I lived within walking to school, the dime store, Mancuso’s Italian Deli, the produce store, the butcher, and to the doctor. That’s living!

Aunt Bobby’s house every weekend: Aunt Bobby, who you’ve read about before, was my second mother. Every Friday after school, I could be found packing my overnight case and patiently waiting for Bobby to come pick me up. I could count on some delectable being the cupboard and a warm glass of milk before bed. We spent time going for drives in the country so she could hunt down covered bridges to photograph so she could paint them in oils. She taught me to paint. Sunday morning found us at church, after which we always went out for brunch. I loved her house. It was the perfect size. I even dreamt about it for the longest time. When she moved, it was like I had lost my own home.

Frequent visits to extended family: My paternal Grandmother was an immigrant from Abruzzi, Italy. Her sister and husband, her best friend Amelia and husband Felige, and others were immigrants as well, from the same town – Pescara. We all lived within 5 city blocks of one another and we could often be found celebrating one thing or another (be it the grapes ripening or a new pair of shoes) most Sunday afternoons. My favorite thing to do while visiting was to sit on a chair or on the couch near where everyone was talking. Initally they would be hush-hush and whisper conversations because they didn’t want piccolo (me) to hear what they were talking about. But eventually, yes eventually, they would forget “piccolo” was there and I would get the juicy tidbits of who was mad at whom and why!! The ability to disappear into the woodwork when you’re little was a wonderful thing!!

Some of my wishes as a child were: that I would be a ballerina, that I would be a Rockette dance girl (I am too short for both), that I could shrink myself down small enough to fit in my Daddy’s pocket and go everywhere with him, that I had a magic wand, and that I could jump into the air and fly.

Let’s see. Hmmmmm…whom shall I tag? I know! Mimi, Ian, Laura, Elizabeth and Mr. Hib-Gib


7 thoughts on “Childhood Remembrances

  1. I’m tagged: thank you. I’ll think about it today.

    Great memories; it is always fascinating to read people’s memories, and you write beautifully.

  2. Yes, all those books – loved the Bobbsey Twins, Cherry Ames, Nancy Drew – I still read Nancy Drew now and again.

    I’ll have to think on this! Thanks for tagging me!

  3. Oh I forgot about Cherry Ames!!! That was an absolute favorite! It caused me to think about nursing for a time, but I’m far to squeamish. Thanks for the reminder and memory.

  4. We also read the Bobbsey Twins, Hardy Boys, and Nancy Drew.
    And the Happy Hollisters and Cherry Ames.
    The kind of city you are talking about sounds fun. A real neighborhood, where people know people.

  5. ack! I’ve been tagged!

    I loved reading your memories…I especially identified with the library part. I still love the smell of a library book! Ok…I’ll have to put this one on my to do list.

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