Le Fleur

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9 thoughts on “Le Fleur

  1. Yes MB, they are in my garden. The little yellow flower is in a hanging flower pot. I am hoping the flower will turn to a strawberry. They are teeny strawberries and very pretty.

  2. WOW!!!! Lovely photos. Are these in your garden???

    Our front garden is exploding with vincas, verbena, and marigolds. Don’t think my gardenia is going to make it, and our tea tree bit the dust already (roots never took hold). But the rest of it is a RIOT of color.

    Flower gardens are for our salvation too 🙂

  3. I love photos of flowers/nature. Reminds me of common greeting card themes in Switzerland. Much less art/cartoons. Much more nature photos. Love it!!!!

  4. You know Mimi, I’ve no idea. I was hoping a reader would be able to tell me!

    Ian, glad to bring a bit of color to winter for you down-under! I won’t tell you what a warm and beautiful day we had today! GBG!

  5. Beautiful! I can smell them from here!

    What kind is the top flower? I’m pretty flower impaired, but I’ve seen those around and think they are very pretty.

  6. My strawberries are no more. 😦

    But, beautiful flowers. A bit of colour on a cold winter’s day down here.

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