Whoa! Where did the time go?!?!

I canNOT believe it is the middle of July ALREADY! Where is the summer going? What have I been doing? I’ve not a clue!!! But busy I’ve been.

The pace at work has been picking up. Non-profit organizations are looking to start raising funds for their projects and must feel the economy is taking an upswing so they are looking to capital campaigns and feasibility studies to test the waters. Fine with me. I’d rather have work to do than twiddle my thumbs. Ya know?

Our house is dual-zoned for heating and air conditioning. The second floor outdoor unit to the heat pump bit the dust last Thursday. Thank goodness the person that sold us our house purchased a home insurance policy that covers all major appliances. When the hot water heater broke (twice), I went on-line, submitted a work order request and a plumber was out here the next day to fix the problem. All to the tune of $50. The same deal for the heat pump compressor, which is 14 years old. The installers come tomorrow at 8:00 a.m. to install the new unit. The service call cost? Yup. $50. Sweet! A $3000 unit for $50. THAT I can live with.

Spent an hour on the phone with an old high school girlfriend who I will be seeing in a week at a reunion picnic. We had a great chat and she brought me up to speed on several people I knew “back then” but wasn’t friendly with – actually none of them knew I was alive then. Harumph! Funny that they seem to know I am alive now – at least well enough to take stabs at talking about my “history.” This picnic ought to be good. I’m going to have to behave. Pictures will be posted following the momentous event.

Tonight my friend M came over for dinner. We grilled Cornell Chicken. I served it with a side dish of white rice, stewed tomatoes, and steamed green beans. Very good indeed. We then spent the evening chatting about churches, budgets, and futures. M is having a hard time being 22. He’s trying to figure out what direction he is going in. Good convo though…very good.

Tomorrow after the a/c installers are done, I shall be traipsing off to Rochester, NY for a weekend with my SIL. We will be attending a horse jumping competition, where she will be judging one of the jumps. That will be cool. I will get to meet her two horses, Shiloh and Hope. Perhaps pictures shall be forthcoming! Then we have a date to clean out her bookshelves which populate her rooms. I’m taking boxes with me. We’re going to do some SERIOUS weeding out.

Oh…and the MOST important news of the week – HARRY POTTER COMES OUT SATURDAY!!! Woot!!! Guess what is on my agenda for the coming week. Oh Yeah Baby!!

Till next week – ciao!


One thought on “Whoa! Where did the time go?!?!

  1. As a 26 year old, you should tell M that at 22 he isn’t supposed to have his life figured out . . . that’s part of being 22.

    Just live and enjoy. It all falls into place . . . or so I’m told.

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