It’s A Small World After All…..

A funny thing happened before the hubster and I left for the Taylor Family Reunion. As most bloggers do, they read their favorite bloggers on a daily basis. I’m no different! No surprise there I guess. One of my favorite blogs is Alana’s Morning Coffee. Imagine my surprise when I read one day that Alana wrote she is a descendant of “Dr. Rowland Taylor.” That name sounded so very familiar to me. You see, my hubster is a “Taylor.” I whipped out the family tree we have and what do I find but some of the same Taylor names Alana wrote about on her blog. Whoa Nellie!!! How can that be?

As any sane person would do, I said to myself, “Nah!! Couldn’t be there is a distant relationship there…could there?! How totally weird would THAT be????” The next sane step was to send Alana an email, which of course I did. She replied with the details of her family’s lineage. I told her I would bring the information with me to our reunion and ask our Uncle, who is the family historian.

One evening at the reunion, I cornered Uncle Historian, explaining to him what had transpired between Alana and I prior to my departure. Of course, I fired up the laptop (God bless my DH who brought it with him!) and pulled up Alana’s blog and then pulled up her email to me. Uncle Historian said, “Well, it sure does look like there is a connection, doesn’t it?!” He said he’d have to check his notes once he got home from the reunion.

Today I received an email from Uncle Historian showing me a copy of the email he and Alana traded. It appears Alana and my hubster are distant cousins! How way cool is that!!!!!

Alana’s multiple great grandfather, John I. Taylor (1607-1652, immigrant to America) had two sons, Robert Taylor b. 1630 and James Taylor b. 1634. Alana’s family tree extends from Robert. My hubster’s family tree extends from the brother James.


It never ceases to amaze me how small this world really is!

UPDATE: While looking through Foxes Book of Martyrs for something, guess what I found?? A whole chapter on…Dr. Rowland Taylor! Imagine that!


4 thoughts on “It’s A Small World After All…..

  1. Alana, our end of the Taylors have bluish/gray eyes, red and/or blonde hair, and no high cheekbones. They are generally short and wide; meaning boxy in shape. For example the hubster and my daughter both have wide shoulders and torso and wear EEE width shoes. The hubster jokes he is a 6 foot 4 in. man in a 5 foot 9 in. body! They also have a high rate of heart disease in the family. I’ll have to send you some of the pictures from the family reunion so you can look for resemblances. THAT would be too weird.

  2. Yeah, that is very very cool.

    So, do your end of the Taylors have blue eyes, dark hair and high cheekbones?

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