Who Dat Knockin’ At Mah Door?!?!

Do you know who reads your blog everyday? I surely don’t. Sure I have Sitemeter that tracks readership and ISP addresses, but that isn’t very helpful. Yes, I’m up over 5300 hits. Thus it is important to have rules when blogging.

Make sure you don’t write anything nasty about anyone!
Have good composition and punctuation.
Be colorful and interesting.
NO potty talk!
No pictures of family unless asked first.
No writing about family unless asked first.

Why do I write this tonight you ask? Because today I chatted with my mother on the phone and she told me she READS MY BLOG!!! WOW! She told me she read every one of my posts since the beginning. Imagine that. I am very proud of her actually. She is not a computer whiz but she jumps on the computer and manages her way to the internet, checks her email, writes to her friends and family, and then reads my blog and a few of those on my blogroll! Good for you Mother! Good for you!

So dear readers, make sure you follow the rules of good blogging. I would be happy to know what rules you follow when blogging. What is your blogging etiquette?

And dear readers, give a shout out to my MOM!

And yes I told Mother I would be writing about our conversation…so pffft!…I got permission first.


4 thoughts on “Who Dat Knockin’ At Mah Door?!?!

  1. As my readership continued to grow, I had to be very careful what topics I blogged and the precise wording of some of my posts and comments.

    I always wrote with passion and was never afraid to state and defend my positions…..but there were quite a number of issues and events I couldn’t blog much about because of the sheer number of parishioners, family members, and friends who were readers.

  2. My mom reads my blog. I just found out over the last couple of months when she started emailing comments…and then sent me a magazine with cheap food storage. LOL!

    I try not to say anything inflammatory as I don’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings!

  3. What he said. (But you knew that…)

    I read both my kids’ blogs, with their permission. Someone asked my daughter how she felt about having her mother read her blog, and she did some fancy footwork to say, essentially, that she hoped I wouldn’t be mad at her if some of her opinions differed from mine; otherwise, she was fine with it. Why she thinks I’d get mad at her for different opinions is beyond me — hasn’t happened yet, and this is the kid who was married in an Orthodox ceremony and *then* became Mrs. Ultra-Catholic!!

  4. Yep. Be careful. My son just found out because his girlfriend’s father just died and he wrote about his experience visiting her during his illness and passing etc. and someone at the Church discovered his blog while googling her father’s name….I guess he had to do some fast editing.
    My spiritual father told me early on: NEVER put anything in an email, no matter how much you trust the person you wrote it to, no matter how “confidential” you make it, the email WILL get to the person you wrote about. Trust me, its true.

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