How NOT to be a "cool mom"

Oh please. This is ridiculous. She wanted to be a “cool mom” so she did this. She deserves whatever she gets. And she needs to read my post from yesterday. At least one of the boy’s mothers had some sense to talk to the authorities. Now SHE is a cool mom!


4 thoughts on “How NOT to be a "cool mom"

  1. Truly a sign of the times. Hey all you high school girls with low self esteem: If you’re not “in” with the cool crowd now, just wait til you’re 40 and throw parties for your children!

    Just sad.

  2. Very odd, but hardly surprising. I see parents wanting to be “cool” with their kids quite a bit. Nothing wrong with being friends, but you still need to be a parent [says I, single, celibate and no intention of ever getting married — I’m just thankful my parents were parents!]

  3. Read that several weeks ago. How terribly sad for her kids. Think about it: mom was sleeping with five of my friends. And those other kids… what must they think of their friends whose mom did this? Nightmarish stuff…

  4. Prurient details aside, it seems odd to throw sex parties for kids if one’s own children were not there. No talk in the story of her own child(ren). One one wonders how one would see one’s “cool mom” in that light.

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