Wandering Through the News

This morning while waiting the requisite half hour for my thyroid medication to be absorbed before having breakfast, I went perusing the news. Well, not exactly! I perused headlines through by blog-lines and clicked on the ones that made me go, “Huh????” Here is what I found.

In Rome, Italy a man left his wife at the gas station. He managed to get 6 hours down the road before he realized she was not in the back seat with their 4 year old daughter. Six hours!! Talk about daydreaming while you’re driving! WOW! And the 4 year old never queried, “Where’s Mom?”

This is not surprise. Two Jackson jurors regret acquittal. Eleanor Cook, age 79, is quoted as saying, “[The other jurors] can be as angry as they want to. They ought to be ashamed. They’re the ones that let a pedophile go.” They??? What’s with the they? Ms. Cook was part of the they. Time to wake up and smell the coffee Ms. Cook.

And this made me laugh aloud. I wonder what these thieves are going to do with their $68 million. What would be funnier is if the tunnel had been dug right under the police headquarters. What I want to know is, how could no one have suspected anything was amiss when the tunnel had been dug for 3 months? Where did all that dirt go?

What interesting news did you find today?


2 thoughts on “Wandering Through the News

  1. I was so angry about the Jackson trial. Those jurors should be arrested! If they had voted based on their conscience, there would have been a hung jury, and Jackson could be re-tried. But because they voted with the group, he can never be tried for these crimes again because of double jeopardy.

    I’m fuming. I don’t know if the man is guilty or not, but they should’ve voted their conscience in the matter, because if he IS guilty, there would still be a chance to make him pay for his crimes.

  2. We just had a tunnel dug from Canada to a house across the border in Bellingham, WA. Drug smugglers you know. Same thought occured to me – who doesn’t notice the digging of a tunnel?

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