Morning Glory

This morning while sitting on my back porch having breakfast, I started reading “Fr. Arseny” in order to prep for my speaking engagement October 3. While reading I noticed an ugly black wasp on the inside porch screen next to where I was sitting. I beat fast feet to the killer spray can to kill that sucker dead!

For those of you who have read this book you know the prologue of this book is very stark, painting a picture of the horrors of Stalinist Russia and “special labor camps” in just a couple of paragraphs. The religious people in Russia were thought of much like that wasp, a menace to society so to speak.

I moved on to the last paragraph of the prologue, which speaks to Fr. Arseny bring the Light of God’s Love to the darkness of those camps and to the people who he touched. As I glanced up, thinking about what was written before me what was in front of my eyes on the exterior of the porch screen but a beautiful butterfly! Close enough for me to get some great pictures. You can even see the antennae if you look carefully.

How like God to bring beauty before our eyes when the darkness threatens to overwhelm us. Enjoy!

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Full Glory
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Upclose & Personal
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