How To Fold A Shirt

Yes, I already know how to fold a shirt. But this way is one step! Run! Get a shirt! Try it! See if it works! I’m gonna try it.


Update: Tried and it does work! Whoa! Way cool! Worked better on heavier material t-shirts. Couldn’t get the knack with thinner t-shirts. Anything to save time folding laundry.

Props to S-P!


6 thoughts on “How To Fold A Shirt

  1. Hey Philippa! I’m blogging again. Check it out

    I am goint to try the shirt thing that’s pretty cool.

  2. Holy shirt-folding, batman! That is rad! Now I am actually looking forward to doing the laundry this weekend.

  3. my first thought: “no freakin way!” it looks like a magic trick! i’m going to do some laundry tonight just so i can try it.


  4. it does work… tends to shock’em at the Laundromat too. 🙂

    You do spend more time laying the shirt out flat, tho…

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