What to Say?

I’ve been thinking about what to write for the last couple of days. Nothing worthy seems to be popping up in my head. Or at least the thoughts that are running around I don’t want to post here. Not sure what that says about me…or life for that matter.

Some time was spent at church yesterday, cleaning the Sunday School room and surrounding area in preparation for decorating. I scrubbed the bathroom really well, took down the curtain to launder it, and mopped up the cement floor. I also wiped down all the tables, chairs and windows. There was a big TV in the room that had never been used, so I hauled that sucker out of there. In its place I set up an icon corner with a votive candle. It is my intention to open each session with prayers in our icon corner. I hope to teach the students prayers (The Creed, The Lord’s Prayer, The Prayer to the Theotokos, The Jesus Prayer) with the intention of them memorizing them. I think that memorizing prayers and scripture is so very important just in case there comes a time when a prayer book or Bible is not available. Then they will have them stored in their memories for future use.

I also stopped at the thrift store looking for a small storage table to put in the powder room to store extra “bathroom” supplies. I didn’t find one but I did find two valances with Noah’s Ark and animals for the small windows in the classroom for a whopping 99 cents! I also found a small bolt of white netting that can be used for angel’s costumes or some such costuming for the Yolka the kids want to do this year. Paid $2.99 for that. In all, a couple good purchases.

Today we had a Parish Council meeting for which I stayed to give them a brief update on Sunday School. I stayed for the whole meeting. All two hours of it! It was a most interesting to experience. I saw that bureaucracy is alive and well there and that majoring in the minors isn’t just in select groups.

That’s it for the last couple days. Hope the week continues to be as quiet as the weekend.


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