Look At What The Hubster Did!!!!

Patio Project
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The hubster had 8 days of vacation to use up before the end of summer and he used them to put in a paver patio off the back porch. Naturally it was one of the hottest and most humid weeks of the summer. He sweated and worked and hauled and shoveled and sweated somemore for all of those 8 days. Look at what he has produced!! Isn’t it gorgeous?!?!?! We’re going to move the grill out there so we can put a glider bench on the porch.

My teeny-tiny contribution was to fill the flower beds with top soil and plant mums.

He did a great job and I am very proud of him! He’s my hubster. Yeah, I think I’ll keep him!!


4 thoughts on “Look At What The Hubster Did!!!!

  1. That is lovely indeed! I love your screened in porch…I have many happy memories of sitting with my MeMa on hers.

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