Mother Maria

Mother Maria knew how to be patient. This is the most important thing in the life of a Christian: knowing how to be patient and not thinking that what you are accomplishing is something difficult. While doing good to other people you just have to remember that the one who is suffering and who needs your help is your brother. You bring help to him not from yourself but from God and in His name. Mother Maria knew how to do this, forgetting herself. Listening to her confession, I was overjoyed and my spirit was uplifted. Even her sins, and there were some, were a proof of the value of the person, when her behavior as she fought the good fight to correct these sins evidenced the victory of the spirit over the flesh, of faith over sin.

As told by Fr. Arseny to K.S. about Mother Maria in Fr. Arseny: Priest, Prisioner, Spiritual Father.


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  1. This is a wonderful quote. I love thinking that our sins are a value of ourselves (or more correctly, our overcoming our sins are a value of ourselves)

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