Saying Thank You

Today we hosted all the people who helped us move into our house last December in order to say “Thank You” for their valuable help and love. We had about 20 people here for dinner. The menu was:

Marinated London Broil (which the hubster grilled to positive perfection!)
Tomato-Cucumber-Onion Salad
Potato Chips, Pretzels, Corn Chips & Salsa
Key Lime Pie
Pound Cake with whipped cream & chocolate sauce
Chocolate covered doughnuts
Assorted Sodas & Iced Tea

We ate till we were stuffed and laughed till our sides hurt. It was good fellowship.

I used to be the daily babysitter for one of the couple’s that came thus am Auntie to their children. Their son is now 8 and losing his baby teeth. The top two teeth have been wiggling for ages but for all his efforts, he couldn’t get them to fall out. His Mom was like, “No way I’m pulling them out!! That’s gross!” So I said to Young-san, when he wanted, I’d be happy to give them a yank and see where it got us. They really needed to come out because they were brown! So as the party progressed, Young-san came to me and declared, “Auntie, I’m ready!” Off we trotted to the bathroom where tissue in hand, I grabbed the first tooth and tugged. It fell right out! Young-san was quite thrilled! “It didn’t even hurt!” I asked if he was ready to do the second one but he wasn’t, so after wrapping the tooth in a tissue and depositing it with Mom so it could be safely ensconced under Young-san’s pillow for the Toothfairy’s visit, off he ran to play outside.

About 30 minutes later, in ran Young-san with an impish grin on his face and proclaimed, “Okay Auntie!! I’m ready for the second one.” Off we went to the bathroom again amongst cheers of support from Mom and others! As I examined the remained loose tooth I told Young-san it was in there a tad tighter than the last and it may take more “umph” to get it out. Was he ready for the quest? He assured me he was. With tissue in hand, I gave it a good yank and felt it crack. Young-san squealed, “Hey that hurt!” I told him to give it a yank himself to see if he could make more progress. No such luck. He said he was ready for the second attempt. Knowing I was going to need to really give it a good hard yank, I wrapped my arm around Young-san’s shoulders and got him in a tight head lock, got the tissue, grabbed that tooth and pulled. HARD. He squealed, “Owww! That hurts.” And I said, “Too late buddy. It’s out!” while I shoved another tissue in the gapping hole where said baby-tooth once resided but did no more.

Young-san rinsed out his mouth really well a couple times to clean out any remnants of blood, of which there was hardly any, and promptly ran into the kitchen grinning his toothless grin from ear to ear to deposit said second tooth into Mom’s possession so it might join the first under the pillow for the Toothyfairy’s visit.

Tomorrow morning Young-san will be richer by a dollar or two for that lovely gapping smile and continuing the steps from babyhood into childhood.

You know, it truly is a glorious thing to be loved by a child even when not your own and to be granted the privilege to be a part of their life by virtue of the trust of the parents. When Mom was pregnant with Young-san, I stayed with Daughter-san. The hubster and I brought Daughter-san to the hospital to visit Young-san after his birth. The hubster and I have been part of this family’s life since the birth of both children. It is a wonderful place to be. Auntie and Uncle. Hugged and kissed. Teased and snuggled with.

Blessings all.


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