I remember when…

…in 1978 I went to Italy for two weeks with my parents and came home to the “oil crisis,” rationing, and lines at the pump a mile long – literally. I think we may be coming back to that folks.

CNN reports “Gas prices rise above $3” and in other places has gone as high at $5 and $6. The map on the same page shows the Plantation and Colonial pipelines that pump oil to our area. I read in a variety of places that many gas stations are out of gas and there aren’t plans to get more any time soon because the distributors are out of gas too.

Perhaps rationing will come back. I remember the rule was if your license plate ended in an even number, you got gas on an even numbered day; if your license plate ended in an odd number, you got gas on an odd numbered day. And any day you were guaranteed to wait in some kind of line. I never let my gas tank get below the halfway mark. If I had an opportunity to get gas, I did. I planned my errands to be done in the most efficient manner, taking a logical circuitous route, and only making one trip per day. No running in and out,nor back and forth.

I think I shall implement these same conservation techniques now. Keep the tank as full as possible. Plan errands so they are efficient. Stop at the store on the way home from work when necessary. Cut back on long distance traveling as much as possible. Make sure the car is in good running order all the time, and that the tires are inflated properly.

I think I shall also tell the kids they ought to implement these same conservation techniques. I lived through them once. I’ll do it again. Though I am not a betting woman, I’m thinking that we’re not going to see gas prices go below $3 ever again.


3 thoughts on “I remember when…

  1. I’ve already blogged on this, but I’ll mention here that your gas prices are having an unpleasant effect on ours, and you already know what ours are like!

  2. I remember 1978 . . . no . . . wait . . . nevermind.


    I’ve posed this question to my friends and family, how long can we last without gasoline? What happens if we run out?

    I mean, they’re already talking about the airlines running out within a week or two.

    How will people get to work? How will food get into cities?

    This is just crazy.

  3. I am doing the same thing here. I also stopped by the thrift store close to my house yesterday to look at bicycles as well. We live close enough to the library and grocery store that I could jump on a bike and return library books or grab a half gallon of milk and throw it in a back pack if I needed to. My only problem is I couldn’t take the kids with me, unless I had one of those trailer thingies…

    We can’t get a new car as yet, but are seriously looking into hybrids just to be informed the next time around (probably 5 years from now…at least!)

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