Okay maybe it’s just me, but I just do not comprehend why it is that the authorities in New Orleans, Biloxi, and other areas didn’t have a disaster plan in place for the inevitable occurrence of widespread devastation from a natural disaster. Umm…if I lived in a lake bed, basically what New Orleans was, a city built below sea level with all that water held back by a levee, I sure would want to know what plans those folks in charge had in place for a “just in case” scenario.

And another thing, CNN reporter Gary Tuchman said, “We could only imagine what happened to people who decided to ride this storm out instead of leaving.” After a 200 pound piece of fence hit the news truck and demolished it. Umm..why were those people still there when there was an evacuation ordered? Ride it out? Especially families with small children!! I don’t think so! And don’t go and tell me that no one suspected how strong Katrina would turn out to be. That is a load of hogwash. The Weather Channel, and even our own local weather prognosticators, indicated Katrina would be a whopper.

Call me heartless. Call me cruel. Call me a lot of things. But honey, I’m confused.

Confused or not, as a Christian what can I do to help? First and foremost, I can pray. Second I can donate money to various organizations that are providing disaster relief. Thirdly, I can do this that Fr. Joseph posted on his blog.

I dunno folks. Things are testy out there. Just a tad testy.


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  1. If it’s any comfort, I’ve been asking myself the same question about the evacuation order. The thing that really got me was the report that people who didn’t have transportation out of the city, WERE OFFERED EVACUATION BY BUS. In other words, there was *no* reason for anyone to be left in that city.

    Oh, and the other one: that people didn’t want to abandon their pets, because pets would not be welcome in the evacuation shelters. Ooh-KAY. Animals, I find, are usually pretty good at fending for themselves, better than people are, anyway. If I had to choose between my family and Fluffy? That’s a no-brainer if ever I saw one.

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