A Day Late & A Dollar Short

Cops Set to Forcibly Clear Out New Orleans,” headline news at Yahoo News says. Now if the Mayor of New Orleans and the Governor of Louisiana had done this three days before Hurricane Katrina hit, perhaps there wouldn’t be rotting corpses in the city and all the other problems that they are claiming is the fault of the federal government.

Some wouldn’t leave, even now, without their pets. I don’t have a pet so I can’t be critical of this but I don’t understand why the pet owners didn’t evacuate in the first place and take the pet at that time.

We’re a stubborn mass of humanity and focused on the wrong things, aren’t we?


One thought on “A Day Late & A Dollar Short

  1. As far as the pets go, I understand that people didn’t want to leave them behind because shelters wouldn’t take them. Given the conditions in the Super Dome with just *humans* there, I can understand why! And I can also understand people being so attached to their pets that they don’t want to leave them.

    However, these folks need to grasp that Fido and Fifi stand a better chance of coming through a hurricane in one piece than any human. They have a natural instinct for survival that serves them far better than ours does. Obviously.

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