No more teens

Today was my daughter’s 20th birthday. There are no more teenagers in our house. I’m not sure how I feel about that. Relieved comes to mind!

In our house, the birthday girl or boy gets to select their favorite meal. DD chose Marinated London Broil grilled, Garlic Mashed Potatoes, Sweet Peas, and an ice cream cake for dessert. We had a lovely little celebration and she liked her gift – a digital camera that everyone in the family contributed to. To be funny, we took all of her school pictures and hung them around the dining room. She was quite embarassed when she walked in the door with her boyfriend and saw all those photos. It was hilarious!!

While putting them up, it was interesting to note how much she changed from when she was a little squeaker. As I watched her eat her cake, the person that sat before me was a beautiful young woman. One who is possessed of internal beauty as well. She is a good-hearted and kind person. She is thoughtful in many respects. She is humorous. She has many fine qualities.

As she ate her cake, I realized not only do I love her, I like her. Glory to God! Many years to DD!


4 thoughts on “No more teens

  1. Well do I know the feeling, a sort of jaw-dropping awe that not only have they survived your parenting, but they have also turned into some pretty fine people. Many years to all!

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