Today on my way to work I drove past a beautiful silver Jaguar. They are sleek looking cars. Who was behind the wheel? A man in a CLERICAL COLLAR! Huh? I did a double-take just to make sure what I was seeing was correct. Wonder where he’s working? Whatever church it is is paying him some serious cash.

This evening is lovely and cool with a high dark sky and a beautiful moon. I have all the windows open. Ooops! That should be HAD all the windows open until about 15 minutes ago. I smelled something burning out back and went to investigate. What did I discover but a wafting cloud of marijuana smoke drifting through the air…INTO MY HOUSE. Into MY house!!!! Enough to make me cough! How disgusting. I’m reluctant to go out meandering around to see where it is coming from so I can call the police. I am home alone and don’t think that’s a good idea. Maybe I’ll call them anyway.

Both end of the spectrums – major disconnect.


2 thoughts on “Disconnect

  1. My guess with the collar is RCC. Being single and all, they can buy things like that. We chatted with a young RCC priest at the Naval Academy one evening after mass. Nice guy, handsome… then he jumped in his Beamer and sped off. 🙂

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