Sprucing Up

Shopping is not fun. I hate to spend the money. I hate buying things at full price. I am always looking for a bargain. Tonight was no different.

My sister is very clever and artistic. She works for Michael’s Arts & Crafts. This weekend was her son’s 3rd birthday and for party favors she made little jack o’lanterns out of 4″ lay flower pots. Instead of putting the saucer on the bottom, she made a lid out of it by gluing on a wooden “doll’s head” ball painted green. They were just too adorable. So the creative bug bit me!

This Sunday’s paper always has the Michael’s Arts & Crafts sale flyer which usually contains a 40% discount coupon on any regular priced item. They were trying to get rid of all of their fall decorations so everything “fall-ish” was 30 to 40% off. So after dinner off I went. And what bargains I found!

Our living room is big. Since I have a brown thumb with indoor plants (primarily because I forget to water them), the hubster and I wanted to get a big silk ficus tree to put in the corner behind the couch. Those puppied are expensive!! Some are $129.99 and up! Bah! No way would I pay that for a FAKE tree! Well ladies and gentlemen, I am here to tell you I found a 7 foot ficus tree on sale for $23.99 AND a 6 foot Japanese Ficus tree for $21.99. Naturally I got both! It was challenging to push the tiny shopping cart around the store with two trees in it and me trying to see around them! Ha! It gives me great pleasure to announce I didn’t knock ANYTHING off the shelves that I crashed into, so nothing was broken!

I also found small gourds, 4 to a package for 99 cents. Got 2 of them! The silk flowers were 50% off, so I got a couple bunches to decorate the front hall. Little 5 inch scarecrows were 99 cents each. Got 2 of them! Found a little pumpking for the mantel and a package of assorted pumpkins and gourds for just a few dollars.

And to top it all off, I have been looking for foamie door hangars to use for craft day in Sunday School. Doncha know I found a package of 9 on sale from $7.99 to $3.00. Got 2 of them! Along with 2 small containers of foamie letters & shapes for additional decorating.

I was most please with my purchases. What would have cost me over $200 was purchased for under $100! Woot! Oh baby, I LOVE ME SOME SALES!

I will confess, I was a sight to behold stuffing a 7 foot ficus tree into my Toyota Camry and driving home in the rain without being able to see through the back window! But I did it. And oh doesn’t the house look fancied up for the fall.

Now to watch for when the Christmas silk flowers go on sale!


3 thoughts on “Sprucing Up

  1. My sister is like this. She just knows how to pull a house together with a few twigs and a bit of ribbon. I, on the other hand, still have in boxes stuff that used to hang on my kitchen walls because I want it to look Right and Homey, and if *I* hang it up it will look like Who Did It and Ran.

    So I’m glad you overcame your aversion to spending money and have been able to get the house looking festive! 😀

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