A Day Like Any Other…

Today was a day like any other. Somehow I managed to rouse my sleepy body out of a cozy, toasty bed into the cool autumn air of the room and wandered into the preparations of the day. You know how it goes. You walk past the bathroom mirror on the way to the shower, glance at yourself and say, “Good heavens!! Who is THAT?!?!?” You do the teeth thing, take your morning medicine, venerate your icons, bless yourself, grab breakfast and start the inevitable “To Do” list for Saturday. It usually contains the same items: laundry, sweep, bathrooms, change bed sheets, gather Sunday School materials, some gardening, talk to friends on the phone, check email, correspond with friends, etc. But…today had a difference…

…it was on this day 46 years ago a woman gave birth to a baby girl. She was to have baked a cake for a friend’s birthday party. Said cake did not get made. In those long ago days, it was the norm for the woman to be sedated while giving birth. Thus since the first thing on this woman’s mind was the needed birthday cake, when the sedative wore off, her first words were, “Oh look! I baked a cake!” And thus were the now infamous words of the mother who bore me lo these 46 years ago. It was this same mother who, whilst preggers with moi, managed to have a craving for black licorce which she indulged in quite frequently in the form of Good and Plenty’s and Black Crow Licorce. (I think. Mother, correct me if I’m wrong!) Thus this blogger inherited, from in utero, the downright addiction to black licorce, Good and Plenty’s specifically! And they say things like that don’t happen! Fie I say! Though I will confess I ate McDonald’s french fries, root beer, and licorce until I made myself sick whilst preggers with my son and he dislikes potatoes of any kind, though he does have a notorious sweet tooth.

And so the difference of today was I awoke to my dh’s well wishes for a happy day, many e-cards from on-line friends, special cards from family and dear friends, a delicious dinner out, and an order from LL Bean of goodies yet to be seen. (They are being shipped.) The sun was warmly shining. The sky was a sharp bright blue, the kind that makes the edges of the trees seem very sharply defined. All the windows were open allowing the fresh breeze to blow in fresh air clearing cobwebs and such in preparation for the winter.

So it seems to be with me. I am, more likely than not, half way through my life. That is a sobering thought. To know you’ve spent half your life doing…what? What stuff? Well…hopefully good stuff. Stuff that isn’t or wasn’t a colossal waste of time or energy.

I wonder what the second half of my life will look like. The first half has had many good things, many happy things, in it. I can say there was much I did that was good. I made some good choices. I worked hard at projects I undertook. I raised 2 children. I am happily married to a wonderful guy. It also has had many sad, grief filled days and poor choices. I dare say many people can say the same exact thing.

What do I hope for in the second half of my life? Hmmmmm. To learn from the mistakes of the first half and not repeat them. To work hard. To serve others in joy no matter the situation. To laugh. To cry. To forgive. To be forgiven. To love. To be loved. To give of myself.

But above all…to Glorify God, to love Him well and fully. In essence Micah 6:8, “And what does the Lord require of you? To do justice, to love kindness, and to walk humbly with your God.”

A special message to Mother & Papa who read this blog reguarly: thank you for 46 years of living a pious and faithful life and for teaching me how to do the same soley by your actions. I love you both!


8 thoughts on “A Day Like Any Other…

  1. I love the idea of being given the gift of licorice love in utero. I think I was too…

    Happy, happy birthday to an awesome friend!

  2. Ach! I did not know. Happy Birthday and Many years.
    [singing]God grant you many years,
    God grant you many years,
    God grant you many, many , many years![/singing]

  3. Ditto all the above! (except I’m 2 days late, and many dollars short 😉

    Many, many blessed years!!

  4. Happy Birthday and…[sings] (be thankful you can’t hear me as I have a horrid singing voice! ;-))

    God grant you many years, grant you many years!
    God grant you many years, grant you many years!
    May you be blessed with salvation and happiness.
    And may God keep you for many, many years!

    And another wondrous post. God bless.

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