How Big Is Your God?

When I was chrismated and received into the Orthodox Church, Father R. in NC told me that many people would follow my example. He said that my chrismation would make a difference in people’s lives because they are watching. Of course, I told him I hardly thought so, that I am no one special and people make their own decisions. You know what? God heard him. I hope you, dear readers, don’t mind my telling you a couple of stories of things that have happened the last couple of days.

If you’ve read my blog recently, you read about how I got into a tiny bit of trouble with Father T and one of the parents at church(10/5/05 – Playing catch up). You can imagine how upset I was and discouraged. Sunday I apologized, nearly in tears, to the Mom, assuring her I would never intentionally do anything to put her children in a risky situation. It was a mistake due to lack of forethought on my part. During coffee hour two other mom’s and a dad asked me why we didn’t take the children out to collect the food we asked for from the neighborhood. After explaining the situation, one of the parents told Father T. that when they bring their children to Sunday School, we the teachers are 100% trusted to do what is best with their children. The dad went so far as to talk about how he and his children consider themselves a full part of the church family even though he is not Orthodox but his children are (he is Baptist – married to an Orthodox woman). I was practically in tears listening to him. He and I had a very nice chat. He’s having knee surgery tomorrow and I assured him he’d be in my prayers. He wants to sit in on Sunday School with his kids and be a helper!

Last night I had dinner with a young friend from one of my old college classes. We’ve been buddies for a few years now. He came up because he wanted to talk about some of his struggles, his spiritual life and church in general. We talked for 3 hours. Then he sent me a very encouraging email this morning.

Today is the third day of correspondence with a young woman in NC and wants to officially inquire into Orthodoxy. She is planning on visiting the church where I was received into Orthodoxy and meeting with Father R! A listserv buddy told me about her and gave her my email addy (with my permission). We’ve exchanged some really lengthy emails. It’s been good.

Thursday I am taking dinner to a woman who used to be a youth worker when DH was pastoring many years ago. She has been diagnosed with bone cancer. She is our age. I called the woman who is setting up the dinner rotation so I could get in the mix.

There are so many of these types of events in the last few days. So many blessings. Just so many. No matter how hard life is God blesses me with things like this. He allows so many special people to cross my path and impact my life.

Well that’s all. I just wanted to tell you, dear readers, about all of these things. When life is hard and we are discouraged, thinking that we can do nothing right or serve our God who we love so deeply, He blesses us and shows us otherwise.

Glory to Him forever and ever, ages unto ages! Amen!


4 thoughts on “How Big Is Your God?

  1. Oh my goodness, Athanasia, I can’t imagine a better person to model Orthodoxy!

    I’m also glad you are corresponding with the person – I saw her original posts on the Convert list!

    Glory to God, as Meg always says!

  2. Glory to God indeed!

    Thank you for the encouragement, and may God continue to bless you, and others through you.

  3. Very glad that you and this other girl have been able to continue the correspondence about Fr. R. and his parish. And *very* glad to hear about all the other blessings that have come your way recently — we all need stuff like this to help us keep our spirits up.

    Meanwhile, praying for Brianna.

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