Decorate & Redecorate

The house we live in is decorated in such a manner as to be considered not decorated. Now you ask, “What the heck does that mean?!” Well, the foyer floor is grayish white 12 x 12 ceramic tile, the kitchen has 15 year old white linoleum, the walls are all builder’s white paint (or a near facsimile), the rugs are butt-ugly blue. BUT the woodwork all around the doors and baseboard is stained a beautiful red golden and the living room has a fantastic rustic looking fireplace. It is a contrast for sure, like whomever decided the coloring couldn’t make up their mind, “Do I want a warm country feel or do I want a frosty modern feel?” so they split the difference.

The hubster and I want to warm it up a little. Before Christmas. Sooooo, we’ve been perusing the flooring stores first. We’ve decided to go with a laminate flooring. Having had a laminate kitchen floor before, which are a complete dream to keep clean, we will be repeating the idea in this house. The hubster is going to rip out the tile in the foyer, which is shame because I’m sure it cost a pretty penny to install, and will lay this instead (we still need to decide color but are leaning towards a medium color since the foyer doesn’t get much sunlight. And we are going to transition into the kitchen with this laminate, as the kitchen is big and bright so can withstand the darker tone of the stone look. The hubster thinks he can rip up the tile and lay the flooring in a 3 day weekend. A friend has volunteered to help him, which is good because I am abominable at this type of stuff and get nervous when house projects are underway.

Then we will take down the white metal vertical blinds that are over the patio door and will tackle painting the living room. Then find curtains to hang and put up pictures. It will look really nice. And just in time for Christmas when the family arrives to celebrate.


5 thoughts on “Decorate & Redecorate

  1. BTW, are the “butt-ugly blue rugs”
    baboon -bottom blue ? LOL.
    Sorry. Couldn`t resist it !


    My youngest son has a sheet set that he called “butt-ugly plaid” and the name has stuck. Tee hee.

  2. Sounds great !

    We have terracotta stone floor tiles in our kitchen and they are cold……….brrrrrrrr.
    Give me wood-floor anyday.

    BTW, are the “butt-ugly blue rugs”
    baboon -bottom blue ? LOL.
    Sorry. Couldn`t resist it !

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