That Time Of Year

It is the time of year when…..

…in our community we render unto “little” Caesar what is his. School Tax payment time. Oh yeah. So off I trotted to the Township’s Treasurer Office to pass over my check with a few zero’s on it to pay my fair share. I wasn’t the only one there to leave the payment to the last day. πŸ™‚ I figure, I might as well earn the interest rather than the Township and I was happy to see I wasn’t the only one who felt that way. The clerk was very nice. Of course. And I received my tiny receipt for my big payment. Now there’s 6 months till I have to render to “big” Caesar (the Fed’s) and “middle” Caesar (the State).

…for trick or treating. While at the Township Building I inquired into when Trick or Treating was occuring. Around here it is never on Halloween night but usually the Thursday or Friday before. I’m still not sure of the reasoning behind that. I’m of the mind that your Trick or Treat on the day. Well it was Friday so off I went to pick up some bags of chocolate goodies.

At 6:00 p.m. I turned the front porch light on to signal that we were “home,” emptied the bags of candy into a big wicker basket, and put it near the front door so I’d be ready when the little urchins came ringing. Just as the hubster and I sat down to dinner the doorbell rang. The urchins came in short bursts and there were not nearly as many as I had thought there would be. Needless to say, I’ve a big bowl of candy left over. Dare I say I’m glad! ;-D

It was disappointing to see how uncreative the urchins were. Most were dressed in store bought costumes or had the requiste rubber mask of some offending creature and a black robe to qualify as a costume. Though one girl came dressed as a toilet, store bought, but creative nonetheless. There were quite a number of witches, Snow White’s and one Little Mermaid. There were even Mom’s dressed up carting their 1 year olds around seeking chocolate goodies. (We all know who is going to consume those treats!)

I remember when I was a kid, trick or treating was on Halloween night and last a whole lot longer than 2 hours. Or at least it felt that way. We hit quite a few houses and inevitably dragged home a pillowcase half full of junk. I dressed as a bride or a gypsy every year. I can’t remember anything else. My friends all had homemade costumes. I recall one year when my DD dressed as a flower; green tights, green turtleneck, green socks, and the flower part was made out of cardboard with a hole for her yellow face to pop through. Cute! Very cute! Well, at least I know not to spend a bundle on candy next year.

…to put the garden to sleep for the winter. The rose bushes were trimmed back and mulched over. More weeds were pulled. The daisy stems were cut to the ground. I started picking up the apples that have fallen from the neighbor’s apple tree. Some were good enough to make homemade apple crisp for tonight’s dessert.

…our Parish’s Annual Meeting tomorrow. That should be interesting. I’m not sure what to expect though I know what Father T is expecting.

What is it time for in your part of the world dear reader?


4 thoughts on “That Time Of Year

  1. Very helpful: and very interesting. Thank you.

    We have two states and one territory (out of our six states and two territories) that don’t have daylight savings either: so while we usually have three timezones, we have five at the moment!

  2. You know Ian, I never considered that other countries move their clocks forward during Spring and back during Fall. I thought that was a United States phenomenon. Did you know there there are 3 states in the USA that DO NOT participate in the Day Light Savings program? Odd.

    The “School Tax” is a separate tax we pay that is based on the assessed value of the home in which we live by the Township in which we live. So if your house is assessed as being worth a lot, then the percentage you pay is higher. It is a separate tax, paid once a year, in the Fall. All the money goes to the public school district of the township in which you live, to pay the teacher’s salaries, and to pay for other programs for the public schools. It does not matter if you have children in that public school or not, or whether you are retired or not, or whether you are employed or not. If you own (including store owners) property, you pay the tax. Does that help?

  3. We put our clocks forward.

    It’s also time to start turning on the A/C in the car. Very humid weather.

    Time to give to charity all those summer clothes I no longer wear, or can no longer wear. πŸ˜‰

    BTW: what is School Tax? Do you pay it separately? Here it’s distributed everywhere as part of our taxes.

  4. At this point, time for supper. πŸ˜‰ What a great idea for a blog posting — I may crib it.

    Probably also time to put the storm windows in the basement windows. Should have been done two weeks ago, but with the rain we’ve had, the wood frames swelled up, and dh couldn’t get the windows open to take the screens out and put the storms in. So maybe tomorrow he can do that.

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