Angels In Disguise

Yesterday I experienced my first “Annual Parish Meeting.” It was a pleasant experience I am happy to say. It was orderly, peaceful, held to the agenda, and reports were concise. Father T was relieved. I think he was expecting problems.

Today I am at Eastern University for a Preview Day. As a Parent’s Council member I will host a session for parents to ask parental type questions, which will probably equal to “So what’s it really like?” and “Where’s the nearest bank?” or “Are you glad or sorry your child came here?” May God’s words fill my mouth.

During a brief break I had the chance to speak with the admissions counselor who helped us when our DD enrolled at Eastern. What a great guy. He lives near me and grew up in a church not too far from our house where our DD’s two best friends attended. We chatted about many things but it was at the end of our conversation when he shared what he was like growing up and how God, through the faithful prayers of his mother, changed his life when I thought, “God has blessed me with an angel in disguise to encourage my faith. Glory to Him!”

The drive down went smoothly. It is 60 minutes from my home. The leaves have hit their colorful stage of the season yet they still are not as flourescent as I’ve seen in past years. Doesn’t matter. They were still lovely to behold against the crisp blue sky.

Angels in disguise in each event of the day. Glory to Him! And it’s only 10:30 a.m.!


One thought on “Angels In Disguise

  1. Glory to God indeed!

    Glad you had such an awesome encounter and a beautiful drive.

    I find Parish meetings to be enjoyable, but then I’ve never seen a really rancorous one.

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