The Creed

Before I get to my thoughts for this evening dear Readers, please allow me to say thank you for your prayers and comments as regards my previous post. As many of you know, there often isn’t any one particular thing that strikes you, creating either joy or sorrow. Sometimes it can be the way the wind blows. And it isn’t necessarily a bad thing to feel joyful sorrow. The icon of the Mother of God “Joy of All Who Sorrow” truly speaks to my heart about joyful sorrow. Actually that is true of many icons of the Holy Theotokos. The look on her face as she gazes as her Son, Our Lord, has that same look. But…that’s enough about that. Now on to something else.

As many of you may (or may not) know, my Sunday School class I am priviledge to teach, is studying “The Nicene Creed for Young People” by Anthony Conaris. The book takes us phrase by phrase through the Creed, providing questions for discussion and some good food for thought. Now keep in mind, the kids in this class are primarily 5th and 6th grade with one 8th grader. We are up to the phrase, “…crucified for our salvation…”

The last paragraph for this phrase says,

Is this fair? Is it just that God should suffer for us? St. Isaac of Syria answered this question long ago when he wrote, ‘Do not presume to call God just: for what sort of justice is this – we sinned and He gave up His only begotten Son on the Cross?’ It is not so much God’s justice as His love that speaks from the Cross on which He was ‘crucified for our salvation.”

This is a wonderful quote. It causes me to just shake my head in wonderment. God loves us that much. How does one even wrap their mind, heart and soul around that? It is impossible to do so. Justice is God’s business as the hubster reminds me. It is His love we contend with, His love we feel, His love we encounter on a daily basis should we be blessed with the eyes to see and the ears to hear.

This quote also causes me to shake my head wondering, “How can I get this across to the kids?” LOL! Though as is often the case, they surprise me by teaching me a thing or two rather than the other way ’round.

It is these types of things that make me sad and happy at the same. Happy, well more so joyful, to see and hear. Yet at the same time sad, well more so sorrowful, to see and hear. Well, I guess this post has come full circle dear Readers. There’s that joyful sorrow again. I’m learning to live with it and am realizing it isn’t such a bad thing after all.

Glory to God! Glory to Him forever!