Money In His Pocket

Today was the day to not read the newspaper it seems. While reading the Business Section of our local paper, this got my blood boiling.

I’d like to know how in the world these oil executives can defend their gigantic profits and bonuses in this third quarter, which I’ve heard has been the best in years, and say it isn’t because prices sky-rocketed due to the hurricane and oil crisis afterwards. The article say ExxonMobil earned $10 billion, in the third quarter. TEN BILLION DOLLARS!!! That’s insane!!

And another thing, how can an oil executive not know what his distributors were doing in the aftermath of Hurrican Katrina with prices going up 24 cents in 24 hours, as the article states? How? Maybe because he’s too busy rubbing his hands together in glee?

Last night at dinner while visiting with a friend from the hubster’s alma mater, we were told the college’s heating costs were estimated to go up $230,000 next year. That’s a lot of money folks. A lot of money. Especially for small institutions who squeeze every penney till it cries!

This is ridiculous. If I had anything to say about it, I’d make those oil executives give back ALL of their bonuses back to the customer. Or at the very least, use their bonuses to pay all the heating bills of those people who can’t even afford to pay the previous bills!


3 thoughts on “Money In His Pocket

  1. Laura, I would suggest you contact your power company as well. Sometimes they have programs for those who struggle to pay their heating bills that are assistive in nature. Also they may be able to work out a budget plan, which is what we are on. It works quite well.

    Lord have mercy!

  2. It’s criminal isn’t it! Around here, gas prices can fluctuate from 5 to 25 cents per gallon…on the same street! I’m noticing the “independent” gas stations often have the cheaper prices so I’ve been frequenting them as much as possible.

    We are already turning down are heat and piling on the sweaters and blankets…it will be a rough winter for a lot of people. I’m just hoping our local power company continues their policy of not cutting of power in the middle of winter to those who can’t pay.

    I recently sent an email to my state representative and senator asking them not to drill in the artic….because I want us to look into “alternative” energy sources…not that it did any good…

  3. It boggles the mind, doesn’t it? I can’t even imagine 1 billion, let alone 10!

    We constantly get reports here of executives terminating their contracts and getting 5 million or 10 million or more payouts. When they’ve run the company into the ground it’s even more odd. How on earth can anyone be worth that much? I can’t understand it.

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