He’s 25!!!

Yes the dear son (DS forwith) is 25 today! Lord have mercy! I remember his birth like it was yesterday and here it is today and he’s nearly 6 foot tall, handsome, bright, and gainfully employed at a well-known financial services group.

Twenty-five years ago I was pacing the floor with contractions coming fast, hard, but irregularly. They went that way for 3 days. Finally the doctor said, “That’s enough,” and hauled me into surgery where they couldn’t perform a c-section because DS was too low. So they went in and got him with forceps. YIKES!

His dear little face was purple, his tiny head terribly misshapen, and one half of his face paralyzed. But boy did he wail! His lungs worked well. (They still do!) With time and regular head massages, everything went into place with nary a problem.

Then I turn around and the boy is a man. High school is done, some college attended, various jobs have come and gone. Where did the time go? He used to fit right in the palm of my hand. Now he towers over me! LOL!

He is good hearted, kind, generous to a fault, loving young man. He has had many struggles but has persevered. I am proud of him. Very proud.

Happy 25th Birthday Dear Son! May God grant you many years!


4 thoughts on “He’s 25!!!

  1. YEP, I can relate to this!! It’s so awe-inspiring to see this kid, who took forever to learn how to tie his own shoe-laces, doing all the competently grown-up things we do (well, not owning a house, yet) – but paying bills, getting up for work on time, actually holding down a job and managing his finances — glory to God for our sons!!

    (BTW, has Ian yet grown older than his father? My son’s 23rd year was one in which I held my breath, since my father had died at 23 – and they share the same birthday.)

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