I’m As Stuffed As The Bird Was!

Thanksgiving Day has come and gone. So has the 25 pound turkey with sausage bread stuffing, cranberry-nut relish, sweet potatoe casserole with marshmallows, and greenbean casserole, several bottles of wine, coffee, pumpkin pie, mincemeat pie, and apple pie.

One thing that happens when the hubster’s side of the family gets together for a holiday, we eat…a lot…all the time! I’m so stuffed I don’t ever think I shall eat another thing. Well, that’s not entirely true. I’ll be hungry by breakfast tomorrow so I guess I’ll eat a little something. LOL!

In all, the holiday weekend has been good. It is always wonderful to spend time with the in-laws. God surely blessed DS and I when we married into the hubster’s side of the family. We laugh alot, talk alot, and generally share all manner of topics of conversation. Games such as Mexican Train (a dominoes game), or cribbage or a puzzle are part of the festivities.

Also included is the requiste movie on Black Friday. We saw the new Harry Potter movie, which was excellent. Though of course, on the drive home we babbled about what was left out of the movie and how well the director did with keep the story line intact despite that. It was most enjoyable and reminded me that I really need to re-read the entire series from start to finish. Of course, I’ll tackle that after Nativity – though only if I have time as no doubt my nose will be buried in a history book for class.

Tommorrow the hubster wants to attend Shiloh Baptist in Washington, D.C. where one of his former seminary professors is pastor. Afterwards we will head home, which ought to be an interesting drive since everyone else and their brother will be trotting home as well.

Unfortunately, I dread the remaining weeks till Christmas Day. I always do. The frenzy of present purchasing, wrapping, cleaning, baking, and the requiste attendance at Christmas parties just makes me nuts. I always promise myself, “I’m not going to do this next year! Shopping will be done by Thanksgiving!” but fail to keep it, though I do have some done already. At least I got the Christmas cards done and ready to be mailed when I get home. As for the rest, I will make every effort to take it in stride, do what I can do, and forget the rest.

Gentle American readers, I do hope you had a lovely holiday with your respective families and friends. Gentle readers who don’t mark Thanksgiving, I do hope you had a lovely, restful weekend with your respective families and friends.


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